Pentathlete Laura Asadauskaitė – Lithuania’s golden sportswoman

pirmadienis, 20. rugpjūtis 2012

Laura Asadauskaitė has always been in the shadow of Donata Rimšaitė, a Lithuanian athlete who has recently deflected to Russia. Now, Laura is an Olympic champion, while Donata was forced to watch London Olympics from home.

When Rimšaitė decided to not represent Lithuania any more, coach of the modern pentathlon team Jurijus Moskvičovas almost tearfully regretted that he was losing the most talented pentathlete he had ever coached. He made no secret – of the two leaders in the team, it was the stronger one who was leaving.

“Currently, there are two female pentathletes in the world whose bodies are perfectly suited for the sport. They are Rimšaitė and France’s Amelie Caze. No other pentathlete can even approach their talent. Including Laura Asadauskaitė, who can, of course, win a tournament, but she needs more luck,” Moskvičiovas said a year and a half ago.

Today his eyes are filled with tears again – tears of joy. He witnessed a triumph of a Lithuanian pentathlete in London – Laura Asadauskaitė. Read more

4 klausimai Laurai Asadauskaitei

antradienis, 17. vasaris 2009

25-ąjį gimtadienį šį mėnesį švęsianti penkiakovininkė Laura Asadauskaitė, Pekino olimpinių žaidynių dalyvė, yra baigusi Vilniaus pedagoginį universitetą, o Mykolo Romerio universitetas šiuo metu studijuoja Europos sąjungos politiką ir adminstravimą.

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